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Friday, June 10, 2005

Criss Angel

Magic on TV has floundered recently. Granted, there's no dearth of shows, as evidenced by T.H.E.M., Mondo Magic, and Alain Nu. Still, it's been years since someone like David Blaine has came along and seized the public's attention. Although I have no clue whether this is the fault of magicians or the entertainment industry, I am optimistic about the future. Why, you ask?

Well, Criss Angel has a new TV special coming up, and my expectations are high. I find Angel's style a welcome change from the "Pick a card, got it, got it, okay, watch, watch," style that characterized the street magic craze.

The show will appeal to people who normally change the channel when magic comes on. "Mindfreak" is different and unusual, and it looks like Angel and A&E are doing a good job of promoting it.

On a related note, I'd like to mention that I met Angel during the summer at Tannen's Magic Camp. He was a very nice guy, extremely down to earth. He offered me some great advice on creativity and performance.

This is one TV show that I'm not gonna miss.


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