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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Only Cheet a Leetle

Today I bought "Malini and his Magic" by Dai Vernon. Max Malini is one of the most amazing characters that I've come across in magic. His strong accent, fancy dress, and stage presence must have made him a force to behold. I was born in the wrong generation; I only wish I could have seen him perform.

Malini performed for four presidents, John D. Rockefeller, and most of the royalty of Europe, among others. My expectations aren't that high, but Malini was a marvelous performer and I expect to learn much from the book.

Aside from Malini's talent at misdirection, I most admire his ability to make nearly all of his magic seem impromptu. He shunned large props and fancy equipment, working miracles with borrowed coins, hats, glasses, or whatever happened to be around. I remember reading in another book that a hotel manager (I think) booked Malini, and was distraught when Malini arrived without showgirls, tigers, or large boxes. "I am the show," he reassured the man.

Wise words from one of the great figures of magic.


Blogger SleightPub said...

If you enjoy Malini and His Magic, you might like Fechter: The Magic of Eddie Fechter. Both of them were bold inventive magicians who worked mostly impromptu.

3:11 PM


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