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Friday, June 10, 2005

Juan Tamariz

Today, I watched a video of Juan Tamariz performing. The guy is funny and engaging, and he definately knows his stuff. But he scares me. Something about his shriek or scream or whatever it is indicates that he definately has a few screws loose.


Blogger Danny said...

Or it could be called "Senor Wences does card tricks".

Sarc. Mag.

10:25 PM

Blogger Eric said...

In real life, whatever you're calling a scream isn't at all scary. Tamariz is offbeat in all kinds of ways--he was, for instance, one of the very first performers to work in casual attire, etc--and thank God for the popularization of that liberating possibility. And his performing persona is unusual. But there's nothing disturbing about it live, however it comes off on video.

12:24 AM


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