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Monday, July 11, 2005


I made a bunch of cold calls to local restaurants today. One place, which opened up last week, said they weren't interested in having live entertainment yet. But the manager asked me if I could do happy hours at some point in the future. I gave him my business card.

Another place said they didn't have the funds to hire an entertainer on a regular basis. But they said they'd be interested in having me for special events.

The last place I went to, an upscale Steakhouse chain, expressed interest. The manager told me he'd talk to his boss, and get back to me in a week. I showed him and a hostess a quick trick, just a visual 2 card transposition. I felt like he was impressed, but he didn't express it openly. I got more of a 'stunned silence' reaction from him. I could see his brain try to rationalize or explain what happened, only to crack under the realization that there was no explanation. It's not as satisfying and as an openly expressed reaction, but still satisfying nonetheless. Then again, it'll be most satisfying if I get the job.

I plan to keep cold-calling to have a few 'back-ups' in case the steak-house gig doesn't work out.

Nonetheless, it was an exciting day.


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Good luck. Let us know how you do.

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