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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Milestone

There are two milestones that I'd like to mention. First, this blog just had its 2000th hit. I'm impressed, surprised, and excited all at the same time. I never expected this blog to reach as many people as it now does. I enjoy writing my thoughts here, and I expect to do so into the foreseeable future.

The other milestone occurred this week in Chicago's Millenium Park. It was a sunny, relatively windy day. I had with me a deck of Aviator cards, some loose change, and a thumbtip with a mismade bill. The latter, I conveniently found in my car on the way over.

I sat on a bench with cards in hand, just shuffling and taking in the view. An older couple, probably in their 60s, and a woman in her late 30s sat down beside me. The older lady was clearly very sociable; before she even sat down, she struck up a conversation and asked me if I played poker. The other two people were friendly as well.

We made some small talk for a minute or two, and then I asked if I could show them something. I did a short ace cutting routine. I could tell that I had their full attention.

What started as a simple card trick turned into a 25 minute long mini-performance. I could go into the specific tricks I did, but I think it's irrelevant. What really mattered to me was that
a) I did magic with a variety of different objects, several of them borrowed

b) The order of the tricks was totally improvised. I decided based on their reactions, how they were seated, my desire for variety, etc.

c) A few mistakes happened and I handled them well. When I did Triumph, an extra card somehow got turned the same way as the selection. I had never had it happen before, but I simply kept my cool and told them the other card was one they'd pick at some point in the future. One classic force later, I felt ready to handle anything.

But what really topped it off was that the older lady insisted on giving me $5 when I finished. She was a total stranger and it was totally unsolicited! Five dollars may not seem like much money, but to me, it represents my first reward in my journey towards paid performances.

Oh, and she also asked for my contact information for a private party she might be having.

Hoo Rah!


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