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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Buy This Bike!

I recently bought "A Bicycle Built for Five," a wonderful packet trick that defies the genre.

You show five jokers. One joker, the leader, is set face down. One by one, the other jokers turn face down to match the leader. Then you turn the jokers over to reveal that they have disappeared. There are only empty bicycles on the cards. It's a weird, beautiful thing.

You turn the leader joker over, all five jokers are balancing on one bicycle. Or, if you prefer it, sitting around a table drinking beer.

Although it's not self-working, it's really not very difficult. The cards are well made and I expect them to last a long time. And the pictures of the empty bicycles and groups of jokers are quite amusing.

The trick is only $15, which is quite reasonable,considering that it's imported from Japan.

I've been having a blast with a Bicycle Built for Five, and I wholeheartedly reccomend it to you.


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